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In 1965 he snapped up one of the first video cameras to reach Manhattan, his new home town, and by 1974 had created his masterpiece, TV Buddha. A video camera is aimed at an impassive stone Buddha seated in a classic pose on a pedestal. The Buddha gazes knowingly at his image, which appears on a round, futuristic-looking TV in front of him. Nothing moves, which leads the viewer to wonder whether the image on the screen is a live feed or recorded.

‘We eat seashells’Those on the islands have, for the most part, learned to live with the regular inundation, but it does pose significant problems. They understand too, that while they have so far found ways to adapt, their futures, and those of their children, might ultimately lie elsewhere. In the meantime, the islanders make the best of it.

A foursquare chap of 34, the Priest singer boasts tattooed arms, a hennaed goatee and spectacles that he takes off when the photographer arrives. He’s in the UK to rehearse an imminent tour of Scandinavia, and flew in yesterday alongside Scott Travis, the American drummer who joined the band in 1989. Priest’s old guard – Tipton, guitarist KK Downing and bassist Ian Hill – still live locally, near the Birmingham neighbourhood where they began making music in the early 1970s, when heavy metal was still known as progressive rock and nobody had heard of Spinal Tap.

When Saavedra addresses the House of Commons meeting, he comes back to his own story time and again. This is part of the DREAMers’ strategy to humanise the immigration debate. “I decided I was going to do it for my brother,” he tells the gathered union members, activists and MPs. “By the time he was 18, I promised he was going to have a document in his hand, so he could go to college.”

Racing the King Tide is a a collaborative research project between Waseda University, The University of Tokyo, Liverpool John Moores University and production company Hatch. It is screening as part of the BFI’s Future Film Festival on the Southbank between February 21 and 24.

mapAdapt and flourishWhen the Philippine islands began to regularly and predictably flood on high tides, the Tubigon municipal government launched a relocation program, offering to build permanent houses for the island’s communities on the mainland island of Bohol.

David Kennedy of suburban Barberton and Joseph Griffin Jr. of Akron, who were waiting for relatives to be released, said they wished there were more programs to help ex-inmates and more businesses willing to hire them.

That said, you can’t help wondering about the relationship between the old guard and their new recruit. Owens says his idols are so down to earth and so welcoming that he fitted right in, although he confesses to still feeling a little awestruck at times. But how do they regard him? As an equal, an integral creative partner? Or as a genial karaoke-style mimic who just happens to do a great Rob Halford impression?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest In October 2013, an earthquake struck the province of Bohol, Philippines. Photograph: the earthquake the government “was really pushing for … the islanders to be relocated to the mainland,” Tubigon municipal administrator Noel Mendana says.

Jamero said staged relocations – where people move to larger islands for forecast major weather events, such a king tides coinciding with typhoons – was negotiated between the islanders and government officials.

Towards the end of my visit, Peili showed me Eating, a video sculpture using three synced monitors stacked on top of each other. Each details a different view of the same event: the top shows a cheek during chewing; the middle a black-and-white, surveillance-like view of a fork going from plate and mouth, recorded by a camera strapped to the diner’s arm; the bottom captures western foods (boiled egg, tomato, layer cake) disappearing from the porcelain plate.

Cuts in state funding for local municipalities have squeezed the sheriff’s budget, along with voters’ November rejection of a county sales-tax increase that would have generated about $20m a year for 10 years. The sheriff said Sunday he didn’t know what the solution was.

The Cebu Strait quietly invades her house on the high tide for nearly four hours a day, more than 130 days a year. But Saavedra doesn’t want to leave the only home she’s known for an uncertain life on a larger island nearby.

Vertical Roll opens with Jonas’s outstretched hand filling the screen. As the image scrolls, she gives her hand nuevo teclado tfue a flip and, in perfect sync, we hear a percussive sound that persists throughout the work, as parts of Jonas’s body come in and out of view. With her torso gyrating, Jonas becomes a mysterious seductress caught in a tight space. Attired in either a satin, boudoir-like robe or a belly dancer’s clothes, she never reveals her full figure, moving away from closeup and into another space, as her legs are shown jumping up and down. At one point she comes forward and gazes out enticingly from behind a Noh theatre mask.