Safety Deposit Boxes

  Finance Bank s.a.l. provides safe deposit boxes for individuals and companies in order to save their important documents and precious assets including jewelry, title deeds, treasury bonds, official and private contracts, personal documents, etc. Security System Finance Bank s.a.l. uses the latest security system to protect the safe deposit boxes and its assets from fires, theft and damage. Sizes of Safe Deposits and its rental fees Finance Bank s.a.l. has safe deposit boxes of various sizes that fit the diverse needs of clients, offering its customers eight sizes from small to medium to large. Sizes of Safe Deposits and its rental fees:
Safe Deposit Size in cm(length x width x depth) Safe Deposit Insurance Fees (paid once) Annual Rental Fees(in USD)
10x21x55 $ 150 $ 100
10x22x55 $ 150 $ 200
10x41x55 $ 150 $ 300
42x44x55 $ 150 $ 350
94x46x55 $ 150 $ 450
94x97x50 $ 150 $ 500
205x142x66 $ 150 $ 600
205x142x66 $ 150 $ 700
The annual rental fee is determined according to size, from $ 100 in return for a small safe deposit box up to $ 700 for a large safe deposit box, noting that the client must pay once the insurance fee amounting to $ 150 upon requesting to rent a safe deposit box of whatsoever size. This fee shall be returned to the client upon closing the safe deposit box. Items that cannot be placed in safe deposit boxes:
  • Flammable and hazardous radioactive materials.
  • Explosives and weapons.
  • All kinds of items or commodity whose possession, storage or trafficking constitute, whether by an individual, a company or an establishment, a crime punishable under Lebanese law.
For those interested in renting a safe deposit box Those interested in renting a safe deposit box at Finance Bank s.a.l. shall appear personally, by proxy, or trusteeship, or mandate to sign the safe deposit box lease contract, and shall present an identity card, an individual civil status, a passport or a military card for individual who are obliged by virtue of law to present this card, as well as the legal papers for companies, establishments and associations. For more information You can visit us at the head office of the bank located at: Hamra- Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street Intra Investment Co. Building - First Floor Or contact us: Tel: +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 - ext.: 138  Fax: +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 - ext.: 275  E-mail:  Opening Hours Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 1:15 pm Saturday from 08:30 am to 12:00 pm Excluding official holidays "The Information contained in this page is correct on the date of publishing at this website. The bank reserves the right to change the content without any prior notice"
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