Islamic Finance and Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development

It is widely recognized that developing countries currently face a substantial infrastructure deficit with many people lacking access to good quality infrastructure and reliable basic services. Recent estimates indicate that in low and middle-income countries, an additional USD 1 trillion to USD 1.5 trillion of annual investment will be required through 2020 to meet the infrastructure demand from industry and households.

Against this background, the use of Islamic finance for infrastructure development has been receiving increased attention in the past few years. Islamic finance instruments such as Mudarabah (trust financing), Musharakah (equity financing), Ijara (lease financing) and Istisna’a (work-in-progress financing) have inherent features of risk-sharing and asset-backing which make them suitable for infrastructure projects. The increased use of Sukuk (Islamic bonds) has also opened up an important potential new source of funding for infrastructure projects which require large capital outlays with long construction and amortization periods.

Given the potential of Islamic finance to support infrastructure development in emerging and developing countries, the Conference will focus on how to best deploy Islamic project finance in PPP delivery frameworks and identify the relevant policy, legal, regulatory and institutional interventions necessary to successfully attract and expand Islamic financing for infrastructure development.

Target Audience

The one and a half-day event will be attended by development practitioners, policy makers, regulators, as well as representatives of financial institutions involved or interested in participating in Islamic finance and infrastructure

Day 1: May 8, 2017 (open to the public)

The first day of the Conference will address various topics, including:

– Global Infrastructure Development Needs and how to enable Islamic Infrastructure Finance

– Islamic Finance Instruments and the PPP Models used for Infrastructure development

– Case Studies of Islamic Financing in Infrastructure PPPs

– Expanding the role of Islamic financing in PPPs and Infrastructure

A detailed agenda will follow shortly. You can register for Day 1 through the link above.

Day 2: May 9, 2017 (Closed session; by invitation only)

The second day will be a closed-door Roundtable to get technical feedback from selected experts on key challenges, appropriate solutions and possible pilot projects in deploying Islamic finance for infrastructure development. The Roundtable will also provide feedback on a World Bank study on promoting Islamic finance in PPP delivery models for infrastructure development.


Venue: Securities Commission Building, No 3, Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Bukit Kiara | 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Language: English

Organizers: Securities Commission Malaysia and the World Bank

Fee: No Fees. Participants are responsible for making their own travel and accommodations arrangements.

Contact: Ms. Ashraf Bouajina ( or

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