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Finance Bank s.a.l. was established on January 15, 1960 and took its current name as a Joint Stock Company "Finance Bank s.a.l." as of April 27, 1967. It is one of the subsidiaries of Intra Investment Co. s.a.l.

Finance Bank within the category of investment banks

Finance Bank s.a.l. in terms of its Articles of Association and all its activities and operations which it is allowed to carry out, is subject to the provisions of the laws related to investment banks, medium and long term lending and in particular to the legislative decree No. 50 dated July 15, 1983, Code of Money and Credit and to all the provisions of the applicable laws especially those related to the Joint Stock Companies that do not contravene the provisions of laws and regulations related to investment bank, medium and long term credit.

Developments and Achievements

In 1993, the Bank witnessed a quantum leap in its activities which consisted in promoting its private funds, increasing the liquidity and profitability ratios and amount of deposits, and effectively contributing to financing and lending the vital economic sectors in Lebanon. This progress and development in the Bank activities enabled it to increase its Capital by self-financing by about 100% during four years from 1996 until 2000. These successes achieved by the Bank enabled it to be in the forefront of investment banks on the rating list of banks (Bank Data); In 2015, the bank occupied, within its category, first place in terms of loans and advances to customers, first place in terms of customer's deposits, first place in terms of total assets and second place in terms of profits.

Services provided by the Bank

In the framework of the activities and operations carried out, Finance Bank s.a.l. provides for its clients a diversified range of banking services as follows:
  • Saving Accounts and Term Deposits:

    The bank grants this service to all of its clients to enable them to diversify their investments according to competitive interest rates.
  • Safe Deposits:

    They are available in several sizes, used to save important documents and precious assets of individuals, companies and institutions.
  • Bank Guarantees:

    Specifically designed to support institutions and companies to obtain all kinds of bank guarantees (bid, advance payment, performance, retention etc) for various types of projects in Lebanon and abroad, in exchange of different guarantees in rem.
  • Treasury Bills Bonds:

    Finance Bank provides the service of subscribing for Lebanese treasury bills/notes/ bonds in Lebanese pounds and US dollars (Eurobonds) for different maturities.
  • Medium and Long-Term Loans:

    Lending programs are considered in Lebanese pounds and US dollars to support the funding of individuals and companies in productive economic sectors in exchange for different guarantees in rem determined by Law. Finance Bank also provides a wide range of subsidized BDL loans to support the development of the productive sectors in Lebanon (agricultural, industrial, touristic, commercial, etc.), in addition to the subsidized housing loan , and the environmental loan for environmental activities.

Finance Bank s.a.l.

Capital: 23,290,000,000 L.L fully paid Commercial Register: 9231 Beirut- List of Banks: 43

General Administration

Hamra- Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street Intra Investment Co. Building - Second and Third Floors P.O. Box: 5044/11 Beirut, Lebanon Tel.: +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 Fax: +961 1 341287 Email:

Main Branch

Hamra- Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street Intra Investment Co. Building - First Floor P.O. Box: 5044/11 Beirut, Lebanon Tel.: +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 Fax: +961 1 341287 - +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 - ext: 275 Email:

Dora Branch

Dora- Mar Youssef Street Sheikh Andre Gemayel Building - First Floor P.O. Box: 90/1550 Beirut, Lebanon Tel.: +961 1 25 00 15 - +961 1 24 89 97/98 Fax: +961 1 24 12 40 Email:
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