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Treasury Bills/Bonds

Finance Bank s.a.l. is considered one of the leading Lebanese banks in relation to the service of subscription for treasury bills/notes/bonds in Lebanese pound and US Dollar (Eurobonds).

Minimum subscription in Lebanese Pounds: LBP 22,500,000

Minimum subscription in US Dollars: $15,000

Service Features

The clients subscribing for treasury bills/notes/bonds at Finance Bank s.a.l. can benefit from:
  • Reinvesting coupons due through the subscription for new bills/notes/bonds.
  • Transferring the Treasury bills/notes/bonds due interest, in addition to the face value at maturity , to a Term deposit at Finance Bank s.a.l. at competitive interest rates.
  • Borrowing against the guarantee of the treasury bills/notes/bonds at competitive interest rates while maintaining the yield on the mortgaged securities.

For those interested in subscribing in treasury bills/bonds

Those interested in subscribing in treasury bills/notes/bonds at Finance Bank s.a.l. shall appear personally, by proxy, or trusteeship, or mandate to sign the certificate of subscription, and shall present an identity card, an individual civil status, a passport or a military card for individual who are obliged by virtue of law to present this card, as well as the legal papers for companies, establishments and associations interested in subscribing for treasury bills/ bonds.

For more information

You can visit us at the head office of the bank located at: Hamra- Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street Intra Investment Co. Building - First Floor Or contact us: Tel: +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 - ext.: 108  Fax: +961 1 74 56 58/59/60 - ext.: 275

Dora Branch

Dora- Mar Youssef Street Sheikh Andre Gemayel Building - First Floor Tel.: +961 1 25 00 15 - ext.: 15 Fax: +961 1 24 12 40

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 1:15 pm Saturday from 08:30 am to 12:00 pm excluding official holidays "The Information contained in this page is correct on the date of publishing at this website. The bank reserves the right to change the content without any prior notice"

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